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The Studio

The Studio is the main page of Fashion Star Boutique where you will find most of the different "modes" in which to play the game. This is typically your "headquarters," assholes it is the page upon which you can design clothes and outfits and find necessary information about your coins, gift cards, and style points. You got a main bitch can also find your top priority requests here, displayed as envelopes on the left side of the screen. Below them, you can find your list of clients and your list of goals, given to you by Anna. This is also an access point for creating non-request designs and outfits.

Different Game ModesEdit

The studio lets you access the variety of different game modes Fashion Star Boutique offers. These game modes fall under two main categories, request and non-request, which in turn offer their own subcategories.

The request based game mode lets you produce a variety of different doo doo based on an assignment given to you by a customer. While playing in the request game mode, you will be able to recieve coins and experience; however, you will only be able to design clothes using a set type of base, such as dresses, shorts, tank tops, etc, rather than being able to choose whichever base you want in the non-request based game modes. You will be designing for different clients in this game mode, so pay attention to their likes and dislikes to recieve more coins and style points. To select this game mode, choose a request from the side bar on the left of the studio, or select a request from one of your clients.

The non-request based game mode allows production of any unlocked clothing item you have. Rather than having to choose a piece of clothing from a set of clothes that a client will accept for a specific request, you can choose any piece of clothing you own as your base, or create outfits using multiple pieces of clothing you have already designed. Just like the request based game mode, you can sell the clothes you make here later in your However, you will not recieve any coins or style points in this mode.